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SmartTech, a software solutions company headquartered in Oman, is strongly dedicated to fostering innovation and achieving excellence. We take immense pride in providing cutting-edge technology services and exceptional software solutions to clients in Oman and worldwide. With a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, we have successfully established ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner for businesses seeking tailored software developments, custom solutions, and software project outsourcing services.

Our Products

Beyond Software: Crafting Digital Experiences That Redefine Possibilities
SmartTech OMS-logo

SmartTech OMS

Retail Order Management & Forecasting Solution

SmartTech Cloud ERP-logo

SmartTech Cloud ERP

Seamless Solutions, Infinite Possibilities

SmartTech Core Banking-logo

SmartTech Core Banking

Core Banking Platform

SmartTech Neo-logo

SmartTech Neo

Neo Banking & Digital Wallet Solution 

SmartTech Field Agent App-logo

SmartTech Field Agent App

Branchless Banking

SmartTech HRM-logo

SmartTech HRM

Centralized Human Resource Management

SmartTech CRM-logo

SmartTech CRM

No stone unturned

SmartTech Finance Hub-logo

SmartTech Finance Hub

Accounting Software Solution

SmartTech Nano-logo

SmartTech Nano

Nanofinance Platform

SmartTech Swift-logo

SmartTech Swift

Fleet Management & Truck Booking Solution

SmartTech POS-logo

SmartTech POS

Point of Sales Solution

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