SmartTech FinTech Solutions

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SmartTech Core Banking

Core Banking Platform
Presenting the SmartTech Core Banking platform an all encompassing digital Core Banking System (CBS) meticulously tailored to empower a wide spectrum of financial institutions and banks. Designed by industry experts in alignment with international standards, this platform serves as a catalyst for Financial Service Providers (FSPs) seeking to forge new distribution channels, fuel branchless expansion, introduce cutting-edge products, enhance cost-efficient service delivery, and deliver unmatched customer experiences. Embrace the future of banking innovation with the visionary Core Banking Platform from SmartTech.

SmartTech Neo

Neo Banking & Digital Wallet Solution
Introducing SmartTech Neo a groundbreaking Neo Banking & Digital Wallet Solution poised to revolutionize the banking experience. Seamlessly integrating contemporary banking convenience with cutting edge technology, SmartTech Neo emerges as a versatile platform tailored for the tech savvy business landscape. With user centric interfaces and resilient security measures, SmartTech Neo delivers a comprehensive banking experience, right at your business’s fingertips. Embrace a future of banking innovation with SmartTech Neo where innovation converges with the strategic financial requirements of your enterprise.

SmartTech Field Agent App

Branchless Banking
SmartTech Field Agent App the gateway to branchless banking. This innovative app reshapes accessibility and convenience, empowering field agents to transcend traditional branch boundaries and directly offer banking services to your customers. The SmartTech Field Agent App ensures smooth and secure financial transactions, bolstered by real-time connectivity to banking systems. This modern solution redefines how banking reaches your business clientele, ensuring financial services are accessible anywhere and anytime. Embrace the future of banking with the SmartTech Field Agent App where the horizon of banking possibilities extends far beyond conventional limits.

SmartTech Nano

Nanofinance Platform
SmartTech Nano Empowering financial inclusivity with the Nanofinance Platform designed to bridge the gap for nano lending. Empowering the underbanked and unbanked populations, SmartTech Nano revolutionizes access to credit. This platform transforms small scale lending by offering quick and convenient solutions tailored to individual needs. With SmartTech Nano, financial barriers become a thing of the past, allowing individuals and businesses to thrive. Join the movement towards a more inclusive financial landscape with SmartTech Nano where every borrower finds a pathway to growth.

SmartTech POS

Point of Sales Solution
SmartTech POS the ultimate Point of Sale Solution for modern businesses. This intuitive platform redefines the checkout experience, combining efficiency and customer satisfaction seamlessly. With SmartTech POS, transactions become a breeze, inventory management is effortless, and sales insights are at your fingertips. Elevate your business operations with this user-friendly system that transforms the way you serve your customers. Join the future of retail with SmartTech POS where every sale is made simple and every customer interaction is enhanced.

SmartTech IQ Lender

Intelligent Lending
SmartTech IQ Lender transforms financial operations with its advanced Bank Statement Analyzer, ideal for Banks, NBFIs, FinTech’s, and Wealth Management Institutions. This innovative tool automates the parsing and analysis of bank statements, enhancing credit underwriting, insurance underwriting, and investment analysis processes. Automated Analysis ensures efficient parsing and assessment of financial data, while Real-time Financial Profiling provides instant insights into clients’ financial health. Enhanced Decision Making is facilitated by extensive data analytics, all secured with 256-bit SSL encryption and rigid internal data handling policies that prohibit third-party data sharing. Integrate IQ Lender into your customer onboarding journey to streamline operations and gain actionable insights for better client service. Our SmartTech IQ Lender provides your organization with efficient processes and dependable financial analysis capabilities.