SmartTech Software Services

Your Vision, Our Mission: Tailored Solution, Unparalleled Results.

Bespoke Development

Custom Software Application Development
SmartTech offers tailored software solutions to meet unique business needs. With expertise in various technologies, they create efficient and effective applications that drive growth and innovation.
Custom Mobile Application Development
SmartTech specializes in crafting customized mobile apps that align with your business goals. Their mobile solutions provide seamless user experiences and help you tap into the mobile-first market.
Middleware Layers (ESB)
SmartTech offers Middleware Layers or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solutions that seamlessly connect disparate systems. By integrating applications and services, they enhance communication and data flow, optimizing operational efficiency.
MIS Tools
SmartTech’s Management Information System (MIS) tools transform data into actionable insights. These tools empower businesses with real-time analytics, enabling informed decisions and strategic planning.
Advanced Website Development (For existing clients only)
SmartTech extends its expertise to existing clients with advanced website development services. They enhance your online presence, delivering cutting-edge websites that engage customers and promote growth.

Tech Resource Augmentation

Experience enhanced capabilities with Tech Resource Augmentation from SmartTech. This service empowers businesses to scale their teams quickly and efficiently by providing skilled professionals on demand. SmartTech’s experts seamlessly integrate into your projects, offering their specialized knowledge to drive innovation and meet project goals effectively. With Tech Resource Augmentation, you can bridge skill gaps and tackle complex challenges with confidence.

Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Unlock unparalleled talent with SmartTech’s Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering. This innovative service provides access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals tailored to your project requirements. SmartTech’s TaaS ensures that you have the right expertise when you need it, without the complexities of traditional hiring. Seamlessly augment your team with top-tier talent and achieve your goals with agility and precision.

Managed Services (NOC & SOC)

At SmartTech, we specialize in enhancing our clients’ IT operations through our expert-led Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) services. By entrusting us with the management of your costly IT infrastructure, you can leverage our team of seasoned professionals without the financial burden and complexities of recruiting and maintaining this high-level expertise in-house. Our involvement, not only ensures that your IT operations are in capable hands but also brings the added benefit of fixed and predictable management costs, regardless of the advanced technology deployed. This approach not only optimizes operational efficiency but also provides a clear and manageable financial roadmap for your IT expenditures. With SmartTech, you gain the assurance of expert IT management while maintaining control over your budget and resources.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

SmartTech RPA revolutionizes business operations with advanced software bots, streamlining front and back-office tasks. Enhancing productivity and efficiency, it ensures 24/7 operations with a 0% error rate. Free employees from repetitive tasks to focus on strategic initiatives. Embrace innovation and achieve operational excellence with SmartTech RPA.